ImIMG_9573ary goal is to enlighten the mind of each and everyone in our neighborhood. The mind is known as vital set of cognition. Our goal is to help young people improve their education by make them become a pro – active citizen in the society  to take from the negativity to the positive way .  maximize the full potential of their providing  them  information and training on diverse subject like self discipline, respect , and ethic.


Information Literacy Defined 

Information Literacy is the  Universal  key  for the  illiterate people to open the door of success for the rest of their life also is a set of abilities requiring individuals to ” recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate , evaluate , and use effectively the needed information”.Adult Community Learning Center for Empowerment Inc. (ACLCFE). is enhance the potential of the disadvantaged and marginal , so they too could make a meaningful contribution in society. The Adult Community Learning was established with a view to develop and formulate programs geared towards assisting Adults who were illiterate to acquire the basic knowledge and skills of numeracy and literacy. computer , and citizenship. The Adult Community Learning Center understand the embarrassment of the illiterate people when they go to the Hospital to file out the form, to read their Bank statement , file their deposit or windrow Bank form, file their jobs application form , know their parts of their body , the vegetable name , fruits ,the opposite, As we all know good  health is a precious gift from God the Adult Community Center value the importance of that and put in place a fitness dance and physic , Soccer , Karate , Basket Ball  for both youths and Adults further more a meal delivery to the elderly in the community , house cleaning, laundry and snow removal and much burial service and much more.